Selasa, 31 Mei 2011


Lady Gaga is literally unstoppable. She just cannot take a pause even a bit of a second. Dazzling the world is the thing she's really good at. After shocking the world with her new album, Born This Way, she appeared in a short film made for celebrating her relationship with her loyal fans, the little monsters. This short movie is actually Google Chrome's commercial and it is powered by Gaga's real fans who uploaded videos of themselves singing and dancing to the artist's song, The Edge of Glory.

Even before I watched the film, I have already fallen for the song. I have always love Lady gaga and her powerful voice. This song, I think, features her amazing vocal more than any other songs, not to mention the emotions attached to it. Personally, the song has given me some kind of a boost of power. Knowing the story behind it gave me chills and as I listened to the chorus, it brought tears to my eyes. That's how powerful the song is for me. The Edge of Glory was written before Gaga's grandfather passed away. It was told that Gaga was so moved by the fact that her grandfather looked so glorious and triumphant with the love of his life by his side despite being dying in his deathbed. The edge of glory that is.

The lyrics and the melody of the song The Edge of Glory, no to mention the solidity of Lady Gaga's fan base, have captured the attention of Google Chrome and the rest is history. The short film was basically about how Lady Gaga connects to her little monsters, encouraging them to love themselves, and how the little monsters are very expressive, loyal and become an inspiration for the artist. It is such a wonderful relationship and the web is what makes it all possible. The commercial features videos of real fans showing how inspired they are by Lady Gaga, and how Lady Gaga is motivated to keep on moving and creating more and more crazy and inspiring stuff.

I really think that Gaga is the hardest working artist and musician. She puts a lot of effort, thoughts, heart and emotions in her each and every single work. She might be controversial, but she is also extremely talented and those who have seen her performing her songs live simply cannot deny that.

Lady Gaga is a body of work, an unstoppable hard-working artist, and of course, a very proud Mother Monster.