Senin, 06 Juni 2011


It does not matter how careful we are or how hard we try to keep ourselves well-behaved and act smart, there are always times when we made the silliest mistake ever that we keep it for ourselves. We fear of the judgment people may lay on us if we told them the silly little secret. However, few people choose to tell their friends anyway. It may take a while, but eventually they come clean by letting people know about it.

If you run a Google search on the silliest things people ever did, you will be surprised for what you will discover. There's one who fell through the roof in the corridors at the law court, once wore his trousers inside out, and even there's one who got caught up with his best friend's mom! Well, my story of the silliest thing ever is milder than getting caught making out with a friend's parent, obviously, but it's still really silly, at least for me.

It was a fine day in September last year. I was brushing my teeth in the shower. The thing about me and brushing my teeth is the fact that I always put a lot of effort in doing it. I was told by the dentist that I should not have to brush my teeth too hard or too long as the most important thing is the technique, but I just couldn't get rid of the habit. Back at the scene, I guess I was trying to brush the inside of my upper teeth. I brushed back and forth so hard that all of a sudden the toothbrush slipped and somehow poked my eye! It really hurt because of two things. The poke and the toothpaste. The toothpaste that I used is the common type that has mint in it. The cold and fresh sensation of the mint feels great in your mouth, but trust me, it feels awful when it gets into your eyes! I had to wash my eyes many many times with clean water to get rid of the pain and the white of my eyeball turned red. The pain remained for hours, the red eye stayed for days, but the embarrassment of ever experienced such silly thing lasts forever!

I told my friends about it, and they laughed, of course. LOL

Btw, I checked and found that I'm not the only one who accidentally poked my eye with a toothbrush. Yay!
There's even a guy who did the same thing and made a Facebook group account about it!

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