Rabu, 02 Februari 2011

The "F" Word

Easy..I'm not trying to be all to provocative here. I'm trying to be all nice and up to this point, I'm still planning to keep it that way. 

The "F" word that I'm trying to talk about here is "Facebook". Yea..Facebook seems to be the new "F" word!! But seriously, sometimes I really want to say the old "F" word out loud to those people on the new "F" word. Ironically, they are those who I have agreed to be"friend" with. You know, it IS fun to have a Facebook account. But things can get a little too much with these people. Frankly speaking.. They can be really annoying. I mean REALLY annoying.

Some of them are those who keep posting status millions of times in one single day. It seems that they have nothing else better to do. or maybe they do have but always seems to have an extra time to keep others updated of everything they are up to. I mean EVERYTHING!

"Waking up! Morning everyone!"
"Shower time!"
"Breakfast time!"
"Heading off to work!"
"Driving safely to work"

seriously...how can you drive safely while you still get to update your effing Facebook status?! and.....

Some others don't post that much but every time they do, they add a thumb to it. Meaning they "like" their own status. Gee..what's the point? "I like myself" ?? Pfff...What's wrong with them? narcissistic? Posting a status and "like" it is completely silly (sorry,but that's how I see it). Even if you posted your favorite quotes of all time, self-"like"-ing  is completely unnecessary. Unless you are Katy Perry and just posted "I kissed a girl" .....DON"T like your own status!

Crossing things over is cool, but not with social networks! Some people just love to cross social networks and get things messy.RT, which is an abbreviation of  Re Tweeting, is for Twitter..so keep it that way! All those terms and abbreviations that people use on Twitter are supposed to be used on Twitter only. What's on Twitter stays on Twitter. Crossing things over will only make each of them less significant. You're ruining everything!

Well I guess, some of those people are purely annoying and some others are just trying to push my button. That button. The one that says "Remove Friend".

Couldn't find those kind of people on your "friend" list? You're lucky...or... just like people say... if you can't spot the crazy person on the bus....it might be you!

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