Senin, 07 Februari 2011


Who do you think you are? You can't take someone's life just like that. You have no right to do that!

Earlier today, I watched an amateur video showing a bunch of irresponsible people torturing a group of people with certain belief that those irresponsible people think should be banished. This is actually not a new issue. This particular religious group has ignited a burning conflict for quite a while now. Once the government has issued an announcement saying that the group was proven to be a negative influence and should not be continued. However, there hasn't been any real settlement so that the group keeps on growing quietly. Feeling disturbed, a bunch of people decided to attack the group and by "attack", it means in a really mean way. Not only throwing rocks to their houses, they also dragged a number of people belong to the group and torture them to death brutally. They were stripped and hit with rocks and sticks until they bleed and lifeless. No words can describe how inhuman the action was. It was completely heartless.

Those people really thought that they were doing it in the name of their religion, but I bet their God never told them to do anything like what they did - torturing people to death mercilessly. They were completely blinded by their hatred and it made them think that they have the right to do anything they want. Well, guess what? YOU HAVE NO RIGHT!

Guilty or not guilty, they should not be treated that way. NO ONE should be treated that way because NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT to do that!

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