Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

I Miss My Hobby!!!!

I miss my hobby!!

I always love making crafts but work stopped me from doing it. I started this hobby by making paper boxes from wedding invitations years ago. I thought that the paper was cute and I started to cut them and make paper boxes out of those pretty papers. I made the boxes in many different sizes. Some are really small. The technique was very simple yet they turned out really cute actually. After the paper boxes, came the picture frame phase. A picture frame which was a wedding gift inspired me. I tried many different ornaments, but thick papers are always the main material. I continued to make many different kinds of picture frames in many different sizes. Some of my friends loved them. They even asked me to make some for them. There were times when I made picture frames as birthday gifts for some of my friends..and they really liked it.

I tried to make my own pattern printed on the paper that I used to make the frames. I loved the one with words pattern. One of my friend even asked me to make one for her as a gift for her boyfriend (who is now her husband ^_^).. This one was a custom project. The words that are printed to to the frame were the ones that mean a lot for both of them. I was told that they still keep it!! This kind of stories always make me happy and love my hobby even more. The idea of custom gifts has been in my mind for a long time now. I wish someday I can make it come true by having a gift shop that makes custom gifts based on my customers' stories. That would be really exciting!!!

I had sewing phase too, but it did not last long. I made some wallets and other stuff but then I got bored and made other things from different materials. The last material I tried was felt. It is a kind of fabric that is widely used for crafts because it comes in many amazing colors and it is easy to be formed into many different shapes. I tried to make some necklaces from it. It was pretty fun...and I was confident enough to wear them too!! My friends liked it and even asked them to make some felt necklaces for them, but unfortunately I never had the chance to..(sorry..).. Well, here are some of my felt necklaces...

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